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Small loans

Product Name

Loan Amount ($)

Loan term

Small loan 1


12-42 months

Small loan 2


12-50 months

Small loan 3


12-60 months


Only in US $

Only loan level system and not cycles.

The client should afford a cash flow and a full feasibility study for the project.

Loan applicant should fulfill the following conditions:

  • Borrower financial commitments should not exceed 50 % of the borrower monthly income and project income.
  • Classification of the loan applicant credit registry by the company following an inquiry by the monetary authority. Degree of risk should be A, B OR C.
  •  Not above the age 60.
  • Only in US $.
  • Only loan level system.
  • The applicant should submit a cash flow and a full feasibility study for the project.
  • 25 NIS non refundable Application fees.
  • Classification of the borrower and guarantor on the returned check system (A,B,E).


  • If there is a bank guarantee, the commission becomes 2.5% on the contract.
  • If there is a procedural legal case as a guarantee, the commission becomes 1% on the contract.

Purpose of Financing:

  • Financing for existing or new projects, to obtain raw material, active capital, or assets for all kinds of economical, productive and service activities in the fields of commerce, industry, agriculture and services.
  • Working capital.