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ACAD Finance Company is a regulated for-profit finance company based in Palestine which provides sustainable efficient financial services to women and poor families, mainly in rural areas, to contribute to poverty alleviation and economic development of Palestine.

In 2014 ACAD Finance (ACADF) Company has been founded by ACAD NGO, which has decades of experience in servicing the population in Palestine, served the Palestinian market since 1988. Based in Ramallah, ACAD NGO covers the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip with loans. The institution has managed to evolve from an agricultural focused institution to a diversified microfinance institution (MFI) with additional non-financial programs. Several highly reputable international investors joined ACAD NGO as shareholders in ACADF Company with 5.35$M equity.  

The strength of ACAD Finance Company is its strong relationship with the clients, including the clear customer focus and respect for client culture. Loans are offered in standard.

ACAD Finance targets a local market share of 10-15% of lending in the microfinance sector while maintaining strong control over the quality of the portfolio. It executes a strategy of controlled growth with a focus on established products.

It applies thorough risk management with an active portfolio steering to avoid concentrations related to products, regional, and sector exposure. The share of consumer lending is limited to 10%.

Mission and Vision

ACAD Finance Company’s mission statement is as follows:

ACAD Finance as a regulated finance company its mission is to provide sustainable, efficient financial services to women, small farmers, and low income families, mainly in rural areas to contribute to poverty alleviation and economic development in Palestine.

ACAD- Finance Company’s vision statement is:

To provide loans to low income people having access to responsible finance in Palestine.

The Guiding strategy: ACAD Finance mobilizes from socially responsibly institutions, the funding it requires so as to supply financial services to low income clients (women, small farmers and emerging entrepreneurs) ensuring sustainability and respectful relationships at all levels of its financial intermediation process.