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Mr. Dominique Lesaffre

DL presents 30 years’ experience in the design, development, implementation and evaluation/ monitoring of financial systems for development.

Economist (University of Vienna, Austria) and (Autriche) & MBA (ESSCA France).

Has been active in European social finance institutions as Head of the Africa Department of CCFD-TS (Paris in the 1980s), Managing Director of RAFAD/FIG (Geneva in the 1990s), and since 2001 Senior Investment Officer at SIDI, France coordinating portfolio activities in Africa, Latin America and Palestine, in addition to representing SIDI in major international and global social finance networks. Represents SIDI in 7 Boards and acts as Vice-President of ACAD Finance after having been active in the transformation of the ACAD portfolio into ACAD Finance and investors’ mobilisation.

Apart from SIDI, nearly 80 consultancies in social finance for third parties with a special focus on sustainability issues (Africa, Latin America and Asia).



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