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Said Sweidan - Al sham resturant

Said Sweidan is a thirty year old young man with special needs. Sweidan said: “My Story started when my brother and I were working in restaurants in Nablus 5 years ago, where I decided to improve my living situation in order to provide a decent life for myself although I had a physical disability and it was difficult to keep working for long hours which began to bother me. In order to reach my main goal, I approached ACAD Finance and took a loan of $5000 where I opened a fast food restaurant and I received moral support from my family and surrounding people. Sweidan added that ACAD Finance helped me in opening my project and today I own a restaurant at the entrance of Azzun Town, which is the best in the region. In addition, my project assisted in recruiting other 3-5 employees. After my success in the first project, I’m looking to find other funding and to open other projects. I would like to thank God, my family and the financial institutions.”