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ACAD holds a Training Course on Projects Management for Jordanian and Iraqi Youth in Amman

Arab Center for Agriculture Development (ACAD) drew 'How to Start Up Your Business training course to a close in the Jordanian capital this Saturday (February 3, 2018). The 21-training-hour course, which was delivered over four days, targeted Jordanian and Iraqi youth in Jordan.

The training was designed to introduce the participants to the concept of entrepreneurship and the characteristics of entrepreneurs. It also aimed to boost their skills in cherry picking economically feasible project ideas as well as project management skills, including marketing, production, administration and financial management. What’s more, it equipped the trainees with skills necessary to develop an action plan for their project ideas.

The training delivery was rock-bedded on reality simulation. Participants had to complete group exercises that tackle the raised topics and ideas so as to be discussed in a hands-on training setting. A part of the training was given over to how to create action plans for the project ideas on the table, analyze risks, external and internal environment, and review production, management, and financial plans, in depth.

The training has been delivered in cooperation with the General Secretariat of Christian Youth (JEC-Jordan) and funded by ACAD development finance partner Attica Bank- Italy.