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ACAD signs a Memo of Understanding with Al-Quds University

On Wednesday 12 August 2015, the Arab Center for Agricultural Development “ACAD” represented by its Executive Director Mr. Khalil Al-Khatib signed a Memo of Understanding with Al-Quds University – the Sustainable Development Institute represented by the Institute’s Director Dr. Azmi Al-Atrash. Signing of the Memo between the two parties aimed to implement activities on basis of specialism and professionalism in the agricultural and rural sector. It also targets the young students, farmers and women in the rural and marginalized areas as well as in the refugee camps in an attempt to improve their living circumstances.

According to this Memo, ACAD will organize specialized training courses for Al-Quds University students on “How to Start Your Own Project” and support students who have innovative ideas in the field of agricultural and rural development through obtaining loans with soft terms and conditions from ACAD Finance. Moreover, ACAD will finalize projects’ ideas written by the students, who attend the training courses, and jointly submit them to donors. Additionally, the two parties agreed to exchange information through cooperation with the Masters and B.A. students who will conduct researches and studies that serve both parties