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Nuha Srouji– IQ Seeds Center for Learning Difficulties


Nuha Srouji is a married woman and a mother of four children from Tulkarem camp. She holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and she is one of the beneficiaries of “Steps” project. Nuha got a grant of $2,316 and a loan of $2,000 from this project and she is committed to repaying her loan regularly.

About her experience, she says:

“I completed my university study and I got B.Sc in Mathematics. But unluckily I did not work due to the lack of job opportunities. I like teaching and feel happy when I see the impact of my teaching on students. Through the private lessons I was giving to some students, I noticed a certain problem that some students have learning difficulties not only in mathematics but also in reading and writing. To increase my knowledge and information about this problem, I read researches and studies in that field. I found out that the learning difficulties problem is spread and students are in need to help. Accordingly, I started to develop my skills in teaching students with learning difficulties by attending training courses in this field.

Through the Ministry of Social Development, I heard about the “Steps” project which provided me with a training course in projects management implemented by Arab Center for Agricultural Development "ACAD". This training was very beneficial and provided me with knowledge and skills on how to manage my project. After completing the training course and preparing an action plan for my enterprise, assisted by ACAD team, I embarked on equipping the place, which was owned by my family, with all needs so as to open my own enterprise. 

On September 1, 2018, IQ Seeds Center for Learning Difficulties was opened. Thankfully, since the beginning number of students received by the Center were more than expected and results achieved were excellent and successful. This successful beginning contributed to promoting the Center.


The target group who joined the Center were not only from the camp but also from Tulkarem city and the surrounding villages. It is worth noting that since the opening of the Center, the number of students (males and females) accounted for 30 students.

In the future, I aspire to expand my Center and develop my work especially that the Center is receiving many students, but due to the narrow space and lack of another teacher I cannot receive students that exceed the Center’s capacity and my capacity. I only receive as many students as the Center can accommodate so as to get excellent and positive impact".