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Jerusalem Seeds


Jerusalem Seeds is a women’s agricultural project and microenterprise, which has been established in partnership with Burj Al-luqluq Social Center Society as part of an EU-funded project entitled:  “Advancing the Rights of Vulnerable Palestinian Women and Children in East Jerusalem”. This project is implemented by the Arab Center for Agricultural Development “ACAD” under the management of the Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS). 

The greenhouse provides indoor and outdoor decorative plants, medical plants and vegetable seedlings. A group of Jerusalemite women is working in the greenhouse where they are responsible for all aspects of the management of the microenterprise.

This project aims at improving the economic life of women living in East Jerusalem by providing job opportunities and generating income for them and their families.  

The existence of the greenhouse in the old city has a great value in the heart of Palestinians, especially for it being the first greenhouse in the Old City of Jerusalem. 


About the importance of the project for the women; Mrs. Ilham Abu Sneineh said:

“I foresaw a window of opportunity in the project. I also believed that the time was ripe to bring change to my life and invest the long free hours I spent at home. I have never received trainings before. In plain English, ACAD house maintenance and farming courses stood to be my very first experience in this field. These trainings enriched me at practical and personal levels. I have become more open to people and the community and outspoken to express my opinion without reluctance or fear.

I hope the project will grow, develop and eventually gain momentum, as well as the demand on our produce”.

Mrs. Abu Sneineh is a married woman and a mother of five children. She have completed her high school. She learned of the project through the official Facebook page of Burj Luq Luq Social Center Society, which used to post about the training courses provided by ACAD.

Also Mrs. Wafa Abu Al-Halawah said:

“I got wind of the project through one of the women’s working at the project. The practical training I received helped me develop my experience and equipped me with hands-on skills.

As I embarked on the project, my life witnessed a positive tide of change. I am no longer the shy woman I used to be. I am more socially open and outspoken. My husband and children support me to nail my independence and become a more effective community member.

I hope Jerusalem Seeds will get ahead. By the same token, I hope I will start my own business in the future”.

Mrs. Al-Halawah is a married woman, mother of four daughters and a son, and grandma of eight grandchildren. She have completed her middle school. She have been interested in farming since my tender age. She have it running through her veins, as her mum used to work in fruit and vegetable farming.

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