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A training under the banner of Steps Project Comes Ashore in Tulkarm

Arab Center for Agriculture Development (ACAD) concluded a 10-day training on small enterprise feasibility study. The activity benefited 22 young female entrepreneurs, who treasure ideas for enterprises within Tulkarm governorate.

The participants were introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship and the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. The training developed their skills in cherry-picking feasible project ideas based on a sound market study. What’s more, the training provided the trainees with administrative and financial skills needed to run their projects such as record-keeping, financial follow-up, and the like.

This training is a link in a chain of trainings ACAD will be organizing over this year under STEPS project, which targets female entrepreneurs that have an idea or an enterprise in Tulkarm, Ramallah, and Jerusalem (outside the wall) to help them start or build up their projects.

Of note, the Islamic Development Bank and the United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with ACAD and under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Development, fund STEPS project, which falls within the framework of the Deprived Families Economic Empowerment Programme (DEEP).

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