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ACAD signs a cooperation agreement as a part of the “Good Olive” project

As a part of the activities of the “Good Olive” project, ACAD signed a cooperation and partnership agreement with the Arab Society for the Protection of Nature and the Palestinian Voluntary Work Committee to plant olive trees. This project comes within the “Third Planting One Million Olive Trees” Program in Palestine managed by the Arab Society for the Protection of Nature in cooperation with its partners in Palestine. This program is implemented throughout the Palestinian territories, including 1948 occupied Palestine.

The project aims at re-planting the marginalized agricultural lands located nearby the settlements and the separation wall so as to protect and mitigate damages resulting from confiscation of lands by the Israeli side. Moreover, the project aims to support the Palestinian families who lost their livelihood from agriculture by providing them with some olive trees that might contribute to the families’ income and reduce the burdens of their difficult economic situation.

The partner organizations will work within a strategy based on professionalism and complementarity in implementing the project with the available resources of the three partners.